Does Your Partner Have a Snoring Problem? Here’s What You Can Do

After a long tiring day, sleep is probably the only thing we look forward to. It gets even better if we snuggle with our partner and are blessed with a sound sleep. But what if your partner has a snoring problem that wakes you up in the middle of night?

While it may be a minor hindrance for some partners, it can be a big deal for others. Moreover, constant snoring by your partner can be an early symptom of different sleeping disorders.

So if you are someone who is unable to sleep properly thanks to their partner’s constant snoring, it’s time to look for some solutions. 

How a snoring problem affects you both? 

Imagine sleeping next to a person breathing loudly every day. It can be very frustrating for you.

But is snoring bad for your partner? Actually yes, because it causes interrupted sleep and they are more likely to experience fatigue and sleep deprivation. The symptoms can be lack of concentration, irritability or tiredness.

Does Your Partner Have a Snoring Problem? Here’s What You Can Do

So in a situation where both are supposed to relax, the snorer gets poor sleep and you get a background score that you didn’t ask for.

For your partner, snoring comes with another set of problems. They often get anxious while traveling or sharing rooms with others. They may feel personally responsible for your poor sleep. They might also want to sleep in a different room rather than have you dealing with the unpleasant experience.  

What happens when your partner snores? 

Snoring is not that uncommon.  A lot of people, especially men, suffer from snoring.

Snoring occurs when a person’s airflow is restricted, either through their nose or in their throat. The air goes in and out, and the surrounding tissue vibrates, causing the person to snore. If the muscles relax too much, they can cause a complete blockage in the airway, which stops breathing altogether, causing them to choke or cough to clear it.

These responses are subconscious and when they occur repeatedly, they can lead to major health problems. For instance, not all snorers suffer from obstructive sleep apnea(OSA) but it’s a common trait for all OSA patients. Apart from that, the person experiences daytime fatigue, headaches and other health problems. The loud sound of snores can also affect your hearing abilities.

Why does your partner have a snoring problem? 

The causes for your partner’s snoring can be temporary or structural:

  1. Temporary factors
    An increased consumption of alcohol, smoking habits, sedative use, allergies, swollen tonsils or even your partner’s sleeping position - can be contributors to their snoring. However, these elements don't cause the snoring permanently.

    Smoking can inflame airways, pollen may cause an allergic reaction, while alcohol and medication can relax the muscles within the throat, all of which restricts airflow. So if your partner is able to remove some of these factors from their daily life, they’ll be able to get a quiet and sound sleep. 

  2. Structural factors
    Structural factors are the long-term factors that influence a person’s snoring. These include excessive weight around the neck and the shape of their palate, nose and jaw.

    For example, the nasal passage of a person may be blocked due to a structural abnormality, or irregularities with the soft palate or muscle tone within the throat, making breathing difficult while sleeping.

    Apart from that, your partner might be suffering from a sleeping disorder like OSA. This condition comes with more risks to your partner’s health, like an increased chance for diabetes, hypertension, stroke or other heart diseases. 

How can you help your partner?

Does Your Partner Have a Snoring Problem? Here’s What You Can Do

If snoring is left untreated, your partner might face other problems like drowsiness and irritable mood, lack of concentration, low libido, anxiety and much more. If the snoring is indeed a symptom of OSA, it further compounds the health risks.

Hence, the first step is to identify whether your partner’s snoring is due to temporary or structural factors. If it’s the latter, then you need to consult a doctor and explore effective treatments to help your partner. Once the causes are identified, it’s easier to find the best solutions that can ensure a sound sleep - both for you and your partner.

You can start by asking your partner to take a Home Sleep Test and identify if they have a sleep disorder. Or if you have already been diagnosed with OSA, you might want to take the 2-week CPAP trial and see the difference it brings in your snoring and sleeping patterns. 

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