Snoring myths

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Snoring is a genuine health concern that plays mischief with yours and other’s sleep. However, our socio-economic condition is such that the concept of snoring is clouded with a lot of myths, which leads people to often assume snoring is not a big issue.

Some of the myths around snoring are:

It is normal to snore- People often underplay snoring by terming it normal. The long and short of this myth is - it is not normal. Snoring indicates your struggle to breath normally while sleeping.

Only old/overweight people snore- While obesity and ageing are major reasons for snoring, it doesn’t mean that young and lean people are not prone to snoring.

Snoring myths

Snoring doesn’t call for treatment- Snoring can pose serious health concerns in the long-term. Therefore, it surely warrants treatment, as it disrupts normal sleeping patterns and deep sleep, apart from other health concerns.

Shedding kilos will cure snoring- While losing weight can help, but obesity is not the only cause for snoring. Thus, it is always good to seek some professional help. Moreover, often snoring causes excess weight, rather than the other way around.

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