CPAP Device

Are you experiencing harsh sleeplessness issues like Sleep Apnea and snoring? Well CPAP machine has the potential to become your friend. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy is a treatment method for patients who have Sleep Apnea. CPAP devices are using a considerable amount of pressure to keep the air passage open. Traditionally, it is used by patients who have breathing problems while sleeping, especially Sleep Apnea.

CPAP is mainly used for blowing required air pressure into the nose and mouth of a person. It saves throat tissues from collapse which can cause obstruction leading to breathing issues while sleeping. Airways obstruction can reduce the levels of oxygen reaching your lungs.

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ResMed has qualified Sleep Adviors ( I was advised by Shreya Kumar and the advise was of great use) to suggest you the right therapy . So, don't wait if you are not sleeping well.


Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti


The Sleep coach gave me all the information and proper counselling about the therapy. It has been a life changing experience. I recommend it to all the people who are in need.


Supreet Singh