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CPAP Machine for Rent in India

Here's what to expect from your 30-day CPAP Machine Rental

  • Receiving Your CPAP Rental Kit
  • During the CPAP Rental
  • After the CPAP Rental
  • You can expect your CPAP Rental Kit to reach your doorstep within few days of booking.
  • The kit will contain:
    • 1 CPAP device
    • 1 mask
    • Instructions manual
  • You can keep the CPAP device and mask for 30 days from the day you receive it, and use it regularly to determine if the therapy is beneficial to you.


Note: Our devices that are sent out for CPAP rental are disinfected as per our thorough protocols of disinfection, which we follow at all times.

  • During the one month rental, you can use the device daily to determine if it's helpful and comfortable for you to use.
  • Your sleep will be monitored by our sleep coaches, so they can tailor the therapy to your specific needs.
  • You will have technical support available just a call away if you face any issues with the device at any point during the rental.
  • It takes 3-4 days to get a hang of therapy. But you will be able to experience immediate benefits like - improved energy levels during the day, improved concentration, no snoring during sleep, etc.
  • After your rental period is complete, call 1800 309 1989 or email at to schedule device pickup. It is mandatory to return your rental device.
  • Our sleep coach will get in touch with you to discuss your rental and the therapy options available going forward.
  • If you feel the rental was beneficial and want to continue with the therapy, you can purchase the CPAP device.

Ensuring Your Safety at Every Step

Every device shipped out is thoroughly disinfected before packaging
All masks and accessories are thoroughly disinfected before packaging
We ensure contactless delivery, with the CPAP device placed at your doorstep

Got Questions? Consult with a Sleep Coach for Free


If you have any questions about how the CPAP rental will work, CPAP therapy or sleep apnea, please fill the form to receive a free consultation.

About the consultation:

⇒ Absolutely free
⇒ Provided by one of our expert sleep coaches
⇒ Sleep coach consultant available from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm
⇒ Given over a phone call on the number provided in the form
⇒ We'll first contact you to confirm a consultation time that works for you

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