What is a good night’s sleep?

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Have you ever seen a baby take a nap? Isn’t it the most satisfying thing to see? Maybe that is why people say, ‘slept like a baby’ and not like an ‘adult

So, what defines a good night’s sleep? Let us break down the major factors to assess whether you had a good night’s sleep, for you to garner a better understanding of the subject.

Do you feel fresh when you wake up?

Usually, it will take just a few seconds after you wake up, to know whether you slept well, or not. Feeling worn out or too tired to get out of bed, are the first indicators that you did not sleep well.

Indicators of good sleep

A complete sleep rejuvenates your mind and body. While you are sleeping, the body undergoes a healing process, as growth hormones are secreted. This in turn, promotes tissue growth and repair. This helps the body to recover from the wear and tear caused from activities during the entire day, and make you feel energized, for the next day.

What is a good night’s sleep?

Indicators of bad sleep

Snoring- It is one factor that not only indicates bad or disturbed sleep, but also can give rise to other factors that signify unrestful sleep, like acid reflux and daytime sleepiness.

Acid reflux/heartburn- Lack of sleep can cause the acid in your stomach to move upward, due to improper functioning of the esophageal sphincter valve between stomach and esophagus. This causes the feeling heartburn or what is commonly known as acidity.

Headache- If you miss on your REM sleep, it can cause bad morning headaches.

Mood swings- Lack of sleep will keep you restless and irritable throughout the day. This affects your mood, making you more susceptible to anger and agitation.

Throat ache- It is a condition that can arise due to consecutive episodes of bad sleep. Research suggests that sleep deprivation is connected to a vulnerability to cold.1 It is also stated that proper sleep pattern provides better resistance against bacteria and viruses.

Body ache- Widespread pain in joints and muscles can be a result of poor night’s sleep. This has been proved in a study done for Arthritis and Rheumatology.2

Now that we know whether we actually had a good sleep or not, it is good to know about some sleep disorders as well.

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