How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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A good night’s sleep is vital for proper physical and mental functioning of all human beings. There are many factors that contribute to healthy sleep at night. Knowing what should be done and what should be avoided to attain good sleep is most pertinent here.

Here are some tips to help you get a good night’s sleep.

1. Form a schedule- Maintaining a similar schedule every day for sleep and wake-up time, helps in regulating your daily clock, apart from allowing you to fall and stay asleep for good hours.

2. Avoid naps- If you often face difficulty in falling asleep at night, it is a good option to quit your afternoon naps, if you take any.

3. Relax before bedtime- Relaxing exercises like mediation can help you fall asleep. Make sure you do these exercises away from bright light, and avoid activities that cause stress or anxiety.

4. Daily exercise- Mild to moderate exercise also helps in regulating your sleep.

5. Create a comfortable environment- A room with slightly lower temperature makes you fall asleep faster.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

6. Change your mattress- A bad quality mattress or pillows not only keep you from falling asleep, but also cause problems like body aches or neck sprains. Too old mattresses are worn out and can cause these issues. It is wise to invest in good quality pillows and mattresses.

7. Avoid bright light before bed- Humans are more used to feel sleepy with the decrease in brightness. Try to expose your body to bright sunlight during day time, and avoid too many lights after dusk. This helps the body clock to be under check and regulate it to get a proper night’s sleep.

8. Avoid alcohol or smoking- Alcohol consumption or smoking at the hours close to bed time can disrupt your sleep as these substances have caffeine. That is why it is also advised to avoid drinking coffee at night.

9. Be more active- It is advised to indulge in some mild activity, if you feel difficult to fall asleep. You can switch the room where you sleep and do some activity like reading a book or painting till you feel tired enough to sleep.

10. Say no to gadgets- The body requires some time to shift from the active mode into sleep mode. Therefore, to help the body in this switch - avoid using gadgets which emit bright lights and high intensity activities, before bedtime. This way your body will prepare itself to fall asleep sooner.

All these tips work well in moderating your sleep schedule to keep your physical and mental health in the good form. Sleep good, stay good.

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