Are you tired of listening to complaints about your loud snoring? Well, it’s high time to get diagnosed and treated appropriately. Do you know how snoring is caused and what discrepancies it can create? Let’s know about that further- Snoring is an annoying sound that occurs when air flows through your throat causing vibration as soon as you breathe. In some cases, snoring can emerge as an underlying condition to many other disorders such as Sleep Apnea etc.

Even if you’re not bothered by snoring too much, it’s not a condition to be left united. However, it can be an indicative symptom of some other disease such as- Obesity, Anatomic issues with your mouth, nose.

Why do we Snore

In simple terms, we snore when our body is not able to move air freely through the nose and throat - while we are asleep. In terms of anatomy, snoring is a result of a partially ...

Impact of snoring

Snoring disrupts your sleep in more ways than one, and disturbs your bed partner, or people sleeping nearby. However, it poses some serious health risks too, as is elucidated ...

How to Stop Snoring - Different ways to stop snoring

Treatment options for your snoring depend on a number of factors, but the two key ones are these:

Snoring myths

Snoring is a genuine health concern that plays mischief with yours and other’s sleep. However, our socio-economic condition is such that the concept of snoring is clouded with a ...

Snoring videos

What causes snoring is a question that can be answered multiple ways. From an anatomical standpoint, snoring is caused by a partially closed upper airway (the nose and throat). ...

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