Respiratory support for children

If your care provider has indicated that your child needs respiratory support (in the form of positive airway pressure or noninvasive ventilation), it’s completely natural that you’d be feeling somewhat anxious and overwhelmed.

Rest assured that you’re not alone; there are thousands of children who, like your child, need a respiratory support device to help them breathe.

We at ResMed are here to offer information, understanding and compassion to help make this journey as smooth as possible—for you and your child.

Treatment options for children

The appropriate treatment option for your child depends on his or her underlying condition and its severity. In all cases, your care provider will evaluate and determine the most appropriate treatment for your child.

Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation Solutions for Children

Our noninvasive ventilation (NIV) solution for children is designed with a child’s ultimate comfort in mind, giving you peace of mind that he or she is receiving safe and effective treatment.


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