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Often a right treatment is avoided by people fearing the false beliefs that exist around it. It is important to bust these myths, and make people more aware about the right information.

Here, we will try to bust some of the most common myths around CPAP treatment..

  • It is not required to use CPAP device every night- To maintain a healthy sleep regime every night, it is advised to use the CPAP device regularly. Not using the machine daily will result in repeated symptoms of OSA.
  • You can discontinue CPAP therapy after some time- Many believe that continuous use of CPAP device for a longer period will cure the problem and, so they can stop using it as soon as they feel relieved. However, it is always advised to consult your physician before stopping to use the CPAP machine, even after decreased severity in symptoms.
    Myths about CPAP Treatment | ResMed India
  • CPAP can cause infections- Many people face issues like dry or stuffy nose while using the CPAP device, making them to belief that a prolonged use of the device can cause sinus infections. On the contrary, the infection is usually caused due to viruses or bacteria and not the CPAP machine. Though, there are chances that it might aggravate a sinus infection.
  • CPAP machine might suffocate me in cases of power-cuts- CPAP devices consist of exhalation ports to avoid any such circumstances, and so this fear can be ruled out, while using your CPAP device.
  • CPAP device is pumping medicines / Oxygen gas in my mouth
  • Discomfort of using a CPAP device will prevent me further from sleeping: The comfort features in the device can help customize the settings that suit best to the patients without causing too much disturbance in their sleep. Latest generation of masks are also least obstructive and high on comfort for the patients. It is just a matter of getting used to after usage of few nights. At the end of it patients often express that they have had a good sleep after a very long time.

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