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How to Help Your Partner Stop Snoring At Night?


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Do you often feel annoyed and hope that your partner would stop snoring? It can be disruptive to your sleep and may appear as an inconvenience. But for your partner, it could be even worse.

A lot of people complain about the loud snoring of their partners but are not aware of what it might lead to. Snoring on a regular basis can be a key symptom of sleep apnea and if it’s not treated timely, it leads to hypertension, stroke or other heart-related diseases.

In fact, sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed because people who have it are unaware of it. When you suffer from sleep apnea, you may stop breathing continuously many times while sleeping and keep waking up. This causes sleep deprivation, which impacts your productivity during the day. That’s why it’s essential that you strike up the courage to have an intentional conversation with your partner sooner rather than later.

Even if your partner doesn’t have sleep apnea but is snoring through the night, that’s still a very timely sign that you need to take action, and fast. The first step is to start a conversation and then work with them towards identifying ways that can help them stop snoring.

Start the Conversation Carefully

Telling someone that he/she snores at night can sometimes be difficult. You need to initiate the conversation with a little patience and be conscious about your tone. Start by explaining how snoring is affecting both of your lives negatively, and make sure your partner understands that you’re bringing it up because you want what’s best for them.

How to Help Your Partner Stop Snoring At Night?

Talk about the types of snoring and the negative effects it can have on their life. Move on to explain about the risks of sleep apnea, its symptoms, and possible side effects. Ensure that you keep them informed of the real risks of sleep apnea if left untreated,  and the severe health risks which can come from it, such as stroke, depression, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Give them Hope - There’s a Solution to Stop Snoring

While all of this may seem daunting, you can take comfort from the fact that treatments are available for sleep apnea as well as additional sleeping disorders. Generally, a change in lifestyle like losing weight or eating the right food proves to be the best solution. But to understand whether you or your partner is suffering from any sleep disorder, it is always advisable to take our home sleep test.

Alternatively, if you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea, you can try a CPAP therapy trial and observe the changes it brings to your sleeping and breathing patterns.

With the correct diagnosis and treatment options, you can help your partner in getting a peaceful sleep and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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