Why sleep is as important as diet and workout for your wellbeing?

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Are you also that fitness enthusiast who put too much effort into eating right and exercising daily? But do you know that sleep is as important as the other two aspects for your well-being? Diet and workout accompanied with good sleep form a healthy life.

If you’re determined to improve all three, it may lead to longevity of life and better mental health. Diet, exercise, and sleep influence each other in innumerable ways. But how does sleep control our health in more than one way? Let’s just dive into the article and know more about it.

Why sleep is as essential as diet and workout
How sleep affects our body?

Sleep offers the body and brain time to restore and recover which nearly impacts every tissue of the body. Moreover, sleep deprivation can potentially increase the risk of health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and strokes. Prolonged sleeplessness can also contribute to different sleeping disorders such as Insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, etc.

People who are having bad sleep quality are more likely to experience slow cognitive functions and low concentration levels. Obesity and larger circumference of the waist have been associated with a lesser amount of sleep consumption. Also, a person who doesn’t sleep enough during the night craves more junk and high-calorie food.

Sleep allows muscle tissue time to recover between workouts. Sufficient sleep is also important in having the energy to exercise. Not getting enough sleep can lead to being less physically active during the day and reduced muscle strength during workouts. Sleep deprivation can also affect the safety of exercise, with increased sports injuries reported in those who are under slept.

Which one is most important: Diet, Exercise, or Sleep?

It is difficult to manage a healthy lifestyle as a working individual in today’s day and age, which is why people priorities only those things that provide the most benefits to them. Unfortunately, diet, exercise, and sleep are inter-connected with each other and it’s not possible to choose one among three. However, some people are tight on time and they can’t manage to work out daily. For them, proper diet and sleep are a rescue. For personalized recommendations, you can consult a doctor or a sleep specialist. You can also get your sleep test done for more tailored advice.

Improving Sleep through different ways

While most people are aware that they should get a proper diet and exercise, they often overlook sleep. However, sleep quality plays an important role in improving the quality of your life. Here are some tips and tricks for improving the quality of your sleep so that you could lead a healthy life:

Do not have dinner too late: It is important to digest the food before you sleep so that you could sleep peacefully. Avoid eating large meals. Try having dinner in the evening itself.

Avoid too much caffeine: Coffee acts as a stimulant in the body, if you do consume these, try and limit the quantity. If you’re consuming a lot during the day, ask yourself if you’re making up for excessive daytime sleepiness.

This was all about diet; exercise and sleep that will help you achieve healthy wellbeing. However, if you’re facing sleep deprivation or any such issues, you can get your sleep test done and get sure about your condition.

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