List of six daily habits that can make COPD symptoms worse

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Are you suffering from a disease called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease? Well, you must know that smoking cessation and healthy eating are extremely necessary for your better health. However, certain things should be avoided. Here is a list of five habits that can worse COPD symptoms-


1. Not maintaining a healthy workout routine

According to research, People who have COPD might experience long term benefits and protect you from visiting the hospital regularly. Conversely, according to a study, inactive behavior with an increased risk of death in people who are suffering from COPD are more.
One more reason behind the workout is that it can scrape away the feelings of depression, anxiety, etc.

2. Eating a Lot of Junk Food

Intake of a large number of calories can make a person obese resulting in inactiveness and breathing issues. Also, unhealthy food contains a higher amount of sodium that might result in fluid retention. It might lead to chest congestion which can make breathing much more difficult.

3. Having an Erratic Sleep Schedule

Everyone needs a restorative and adequate amount of sleep even if they are not suffering from COPD. Unfortunately, people who are suffering from COPD are more likely to have a disrupted sleep pattern. However, people suffering from COPD should look after their Sleep patterns.

Ten to fifteen percent of people who have COPD develop Sleep Apnea- A sleeping disorder in which a person goes through breathing pause episodes. People who have developed Obstructive Sleep Apnea must consult their doctor about the change in their lifestyle.

Staying up late till midnight can take away your REM hours and you might not experience a restorative amount of Sleep. Hitting the bed and waking up at a certain time will help you maintain a schedule.

4. Not carrying oxygen whenever you go out

A lesser amount of oxygen puts excess exertion especially to the people who have lower oxygen saturation. If you’re at a chronic stage of COPD, your doctor might prescribe you to carry oxygen therapy equipment with you. It is safe to carry your oxygen supply.

5. Over- Exertion

A basic routine of work out and meditation can contribute to the energy boost, muscle strength, and balancing hormones. Still, going overboard can be dangerous and cause exacerbations. People who have mild to moderate COPD can’t work out to high degrees, their capacity is too small. However, a regular and basic workout routine four times a week can be significant. Pulmonologists suggest undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation. Other activities like stretching, aerobic exercise, and resistance training can also be beneficial.

6. Not maintaining sanitization at home

Excessive dust can act as an irritant which makes COPD even worse. You should be careful with the paint used in the house because strong fumes and chemicals can irritate. It is important to maintain hygiene at home especially around your sleeping place. People who are suffering from COPD shouldn’t be using a gas stove or a fireplace.

These were some habits that could aggravate COPD symptoms.

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