Women’s day special: A list of Sleep Problems every woman should take care about

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Whether you’re a single woman or a desperate housewife who lives with her kids and husband, you stand a good chance of being tired too with a good amount of reasons. When it comes to catching some quality sleep, women resort to the last and prefer taking care of their other things first.

Our lifestyle affects our sleeping cycle to a large extent. Topping it all, sleep problems make it even tedious. Ideally, you should through shut-eye experience at least for 8 hours. However, you need to lose your sleep over the fact that you can't get enough sleep. Let’s move on to a sleep problem known as snoring.

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According to the reports, generally, women sleep 6 hours a day and this could differ for working women as they tend to experience shut-eye less than that sometimes. The reason could be spending lots of time with friends or working late in the office. Well in such a case, self-discipline is required. The situation is not much different for the woman who stays at home; they are more likely to experience insomnia and snoring. What keeps them sleep-deprived? Maybe kids, dogs, or household chores. If you’re spending your time primarily on evening chores, you might end sleep deprived.

The last category is of wonderful women who have school-going kids. If you’re one of them, you aren’t getting enough sleep. In such cases, the only resort which could work in your favour is taking out time for yourself.

Sleep Problems and hormone cycle

In some cases, sleep is also associated with your menstruation cycle. Many women when they enter their menstruation cycle are more likely to complain about their sleep. Lower secretion of hormones also leads to sleep deprivation. The menstruation cycle doesn’t only affect your sleep quality but also wakes you in the. Generally, women bloat during their sleep cycle which disturbs their sleep cycle.

Who is more likely to have a sleep disorder?

You have been practicing a sleeping routine for a long time now; however, you can’t sleep quite well at night. The reason could be a sleep disorder. Women are more prone to Sleep Apnea and rest leg syndrome.

Sleep Apnea is a series of episodes in which a person experiences face pauses in breathing patterns that affects sleep.

Snoring- Snoring is an underlying condition of Sleep Apnea. It comes with the arrival of Sleep Apnea automatically. However, it can also affect the spouse of the sufferer.

Rest leg syndrome- Between the sleep disorders, this disorder particularly is gaining more attention these days. In this situation, person experiences sensations in the legs and an urge of moving them constantly seeking relief. Sometimes lying makes it worse, causing restlessness affecting the sleeping patterns.
In the most frequent episodes, a woman experiences insomnia, daytime fatigue, consumption of caffeine, and using sleeping aids.

What is the solution?

Unfortunately, the most effective solution is to get enough sleep. However, you can go through a Sleep test so that you would know if you have sleep disorder or not. If diagnosed with any, treatment management would be done.

These were the points about sleep problems, for more, visit online.

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