How you should manage Sleep Apnea and CPAP machine during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Are you suspicious about having Sleep Apnea especially during COVID-19? Well, you must consider a home sleep test. In case you have already developed the disorder, you would know that it impacts your sleep quality. After consulting a doctor about your condition, if you’re using a CPAP machine for treating Sleep Apnea, it must be managed well to help you sleep. There is a myth about using a CPAP machine that it might spread COVID-19 through respiratory droplets, however, it is not true. You will get to know more about it through this blog.

Here are some common questions that can suffice your curiosity about the impact of Sleep Apnea and CPAP machine.

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    Does having sleep Apnea make me more likely to get the coronavirus?

    Well, there’s no concrete evidence which claims that sleep apnea on its own put you at the higher risk of contracting COVID-19. However, there are few symptoms of Sleep Apnea which can make it difficult for you to sleep, contributing to the situation. Signs and symptoms of obstructive sleep Apnea include-

    Loud snoring
    Episodes in which you stop breathing during sleep — which would be reported by another person
    Gasping for air during sleep
    Awakening with a dry mouth
    Morning headache
    Difficulty staying asleep (insomnia)
    Excessive daytime sleepiness (hypersomnia)
    Difficulty paying attention while awake

    Therefore, using a CPAP machine will treat Sleep Apnea and help you in getting an adequate amount of sleep. Lack of good quality of sleep can affect your immune system which makes you prone to getting sick. Therefore, sleeping for at least 8 hours can be beneficial. It will strengthen your immune system and helps fight back the infection.

    Do you use a CPAP machine while having a mild cough?

    One shouldn’t stop using CPAP machine as prescribed by the doctor. The CPAP helps you in getting a good quality of sleep. A night of good sleep is important for the boost of the immune system.

    Does CPAP spread the disease deeper into my lungs if I have COVID-19?

    People are paradox about using a CPAP while using COVID-19. However, there is no such evidence that CPAP will drive the virus into your lungs.

    What if you have the coronavirus, are you at the risk of using CPAP will infect others around?

    As declared by WHO, this virus spreads through respiratory droplets while a person sneezes, coughs, or with a touch. A CPAP cannot spread coronavirus except for the cases when you wear a leaky mask. In that case, droplets can be transferred from the exhalation port. Moreover, the virus can remain on the surface of the device too, so it is necessary to sanitize the surfaces which are touched upon more to keep the environment clean.

    Should you get the COVID vaccine if I have sleep Apnea?

    Well, as we all know the vaccine is the best protection from COVID-19 as of now. It is recommended to people who have health conditions such as lung disease and sleeping disease. Therefore, one should get vaccinated as soon as one receives a slot. Consult your health specialist for vaccination.

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