7 Helpful Tips for Making CPAP Therapy Easier

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Experts believe sleep apnea to be a serious condition as it limits the supply of oxygen to the brain. Besides, the breathing-related sleep disorder also affects your rest quality and prevents you from feeling refreshed and recharged the following day. This is why sleep apnea patients are recommended to use CPAP therapy to manage their condition. Despite the unease and discomfort its usage may trigger, it is still one of the best OSA treatments. Thus, to help patients with CPAP therapy, here are some tips to make the treatment easier. Have a look!

Tips for Making CPAP Therapy Easier

What can you do to make CPAP therapy comfortable?

In CPAP therapy, a continuous stream of oxygen is delivered with the help of a hose and mask to the patient’s lungs. It prevents obstruction in the airway and keeps the air passage open. But, since using the machine is quite hassling, many sleep apnea patients prefer sleeping without it. While many patients do not use the device as intended, others only use it for a few hours each night, and a few disregard it entirely. Doing so is not recommended as it will not help improve the condition. Thus, to help you out, here are some tips you must try:

  • Practice wearing the mask

Many healthy habits are difficult to follow, but practising them proves worth it. Similar is the case with wearing a CPAP mask. Putting it on the first day can feel weird and cause discomfort. But, with constant practice, things are likely to get better. So, instead of putting on the mask right before bed, try using it during the day for short periods of time. Practice breathing and relaxing with the CPAP mask on. You will slowly and steadily learn to breathe through the mask, resulting in a good night’s sleep.

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  • Use the mask every time you sleep

As is the case with any form of treatment, CPAP therapy also requires patient compliance. Do not just use the machine one time and not the next. Instead, use it continuously day after day, even if it feels uncomfortable. Try getting yourself into a routine. To help your situation, you can also avoid taking daytime naps as it will make you more sleepy at night. It is good because the more tired you feel, the easier it will get for you to rest with the CPAP.

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  • Change air filters every three months

Changing your air filter after a certain period is recommended as dirty filters pass unclean air. Also, filthy filters can catch the bacteria in the air, which can infiltrate your respiratory system and make you sick. This is why the CPAP experts suggest users replace the filter every three months. This duration must be shorter for people who have smokers or pets at their place.

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  • See that the mask is a perfect fit for you

Getting a suitable CPAP mask is essential since one with the wrong fit can cause air leakage and render the treatment useless. So, if your healthcare provider recommends CPAP therapy, the first thing you ought to do is research masks. However, if you cannot understand which one will be more suitable for your face, you should talk to a doctor or CPAP therapy expert. Tell them about your sleeping style, whether you rest on your back, side, or stomach. Discuss whether you are a nose or mouth breather and explain your sleep habits to them. Talking about such things will help them find an ideal mask for you.

  • Make minor adjustments to your CPAP mask

Once you have gotten the mask adjusted by your healthcare provider, you have to use it as it is. You can always loosen it up a little bit if you observe red marks on your face or tighten it up if the mask falls off your face in the middle of the night. When making adjustments, make sure to lie down with the device on. It is so because a CPAP mask can inflate with the air pressure. So, lying down help ensures an accurate fit.

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  • Try using a humidifier if you have a dry nose

Many patients find it troubling to use the CPAP machine because it makes their mouths go dry. It is recommended to use a humidifier along with the device to prevent this from happening. It can keep the nose and throat moist. For this purpose, you can either opt for a room humidifier or get one that comes along with the machine.

Using a CPAP machine can be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. People with sleep apnea are recommended to continue the treatment to get better and the comfort achieved is always worth it. CPAP users can use the tips mentioned above to make things easy.

Disclaimer: The tips mentioned above are only suggestive remedies and should not be taken as medical advice. The content is meant only for informational purposes. So, the readers are advised to practice caution and consult a healthcare professional before pursuing any solution.

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