Why good quality of sleep is important for your health

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Do you also feel grumpy right after you wake up in the morning? Lack of sleep might be the reason behind this. If you’re having poor sleep on regular basis, you’re prone to a higher risk of serious health conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Collectively, it decreases your life expectancy. Sleep deprivation can also leave a visible consequence on your physical health. One of main reason behind poor sleep is current lifestyle which causes stress and other disorders. Deteriorated sleep quality can HAVE deeper impact on the longevity of your life. Hence, it is pretty much clear that good quality of sleep is essential for long and healthy life.

good quality of sleep

How much sleep do we need?

Most of us require at least 8 hours of solid sleep each night to function properly during the day. However, it may vary from person to person. The only thing that matters is the good quality of your sleep and the efforts you put into achieving it. In general, if you wake up tired and spend the other whole day longing for a nap, you’re more likely to get deprived of desired sleep. There are contributing factors that can cause poor sleep including other underlying health conditions such as Sleep Apnea. In most cases, it happens due to bad sleep habits. Let’s find the reasons behind common medical causes of fatigue.

What happens when you don’t sleep enough?

Each one of us experiences fatigue, lack of focus and short temper at some point of time, the situation is aggravated by a poor night’s sleep. A night without good sleep makes us feel lethargic and frustrated. There are some other consequences such as-

  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Difficulty in making decisions

Poor performance

You might feel down and fall asleep during the day. The risk of getting injured and meeting accidents on the road also aggravate.

Find out how to know if you’re too tired- if such a situation continues, lack of sleep can impact your overall health and make you prone to serious health conditions including cardiovascular diseases.

Here are some benefits of good quality of sleep which adds up to your overall health.

Sleep boosts immunity

If you seem to catch a simple cold and cough which is easily present in the environment, your bedtime can be blamed easily for this. Because a prolonged lack of sleep can disrupt your immunity badly, therefore, you’re not able to fight off bugs.

Sleep can slim you

Sleeping less might lead you to have a lot of weight gain. People who sleep less than seven hours a day are prone to gain more weight and have a higher risk of becoming obese as compared to those who sleep for seven hours or more than that.

Now that you have understood, good quality sleep is directly proportional to good life. You should get a sleep test done to know deeply about the quality of sleep you are having.

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