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All of us want to be successful and do well in our lives. And since we were young, we have been told that hard work is the key to success. As a result, we prioritize work over everything, including our sleep, meals, and exercise. Most of us choose work over rest and don't think twice before investing an extra couple of hours in completing office reports instead of sleeping on time.

We believe rest to be a waste of time and try to minimize our sleep hours. We attempt to get by with five to six hours of rest, so we can work more and increase our efficiency. But, this is not the right approach if you wish to live a long and healthy life. So, to educate people and raise their awareness around sleep, ResMed is launching a new campaign, Awaken Your Best. Here is all you should know about it!


ResMed Awaken Your Best Campaign.

What does ResMed’s “Awaken Your Best” aim to achieve?

Healthy sleep is the key to your well-being. It is quite odd that whenever we discuss good health, we skip sleep altogether. This doesn't seem right since sleep recharges your body, repairs the damaged cells, and revives the cardiovascular system. ResMed's Awaken Your Best campaign aims to make people aware of the importance of taking proper rest. It hopes to eradicate misconceptions about sleep disorders, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). For those who do not know, OSA is a breathing-related rest problem where patient experiences hindered breathing as a result of the obstruction in the airway.

ResMed’s Awaken Your Best campaign aims to reach every household so people can be motivated to keep a check on their sleep quality. It attempts to enlighten people to make a conscious effort towards sleeping right. Through the campaign, ResMed is planning to spread awareness about sleep therapy and devices that come in handy for treating the disorders. The sleep anthem, created by Baba Sehgal, seeks to approach people in a quirky and amusing manner so consumers can learn about this significant issue in laymen's terms. Here is a video of the same:



How can sleep help you in awakening your best?

Proper rest is as crucial for your well-being as healthy food and exercise. A few benefits of sleep the campaign aims to highlight are as follows:

1. Enhances Memory

The importance of sleep can be understood by the fact that getting a good night's rest is vital for excellent memory. When you sleep, things you wish to remember are consolidated in your brain and converted from transitory memories to permanent ones. Experts suggest that if you doze off during the 12 hours after learning a new fact, you can retain it better. Much of this happens during phase 2 (light sleep), which occurs hours prior to awakening.

2. Improves Focus

The restless nights you spend tossing and turning in your bed take a toll on your attention span. Sleep experts suggest that lack of rest leads to poor alertness and concentration levels. This hampers your ability to perform tasks that are complex or require logical reasoning. Thus, catching seven to eight hours of good sleep is recommended every night.

3. Ensures good mood

You must have experienced that you don't feel refreshed after you spend a night tossing and turning in your bed. You are unlikely to respond well to humour or show empathy on such occasions. Besides, lack of rest also affects your ability to control emotional outbursts and bad behaviours. Thus, it is recommended to prioritize your sleep as it may keep you in a good mood and enhance your social skills.

4. Strengthens immune system

Our immune system helps ward off illnesses by identifying harmful bacteria and viruses in the human body. Then, it destroys them to ensure you stay healthy and happy. But, the immune system is compromised in people who fail to catch a good night's sleep. Their cells become slow to launch an attack, making them sick more often. A study shows that individuals who sleep less than 5 hours every night are 4.5 times more likely to fall ill than those who rest for 7 hours.

5. Enhances productivity

By compromising sleep for work, you are not doing yourself any favours. It is so because poor-quality rest makes you feel sleepy and tired. Therefore, it impacts your performance and decreases your productivity at work. Besides, sleep deprivation is also a buzz-kill for your motivation and may keep you from meeting your deadlines. Thus, healthy sleep is essential for your professional life as well.

How can Resmed's Sleep Test help Awaken your Best?

ResMed’s new campaign aims to educate people about the benefits of sleep and help them understand if anything is wrong with their sleep patterns. People who don't get quality rest and start their mornings feeling exhausted are recommended to try the One Sleep Test. They can help diagnose if something is wrong with your sleep cycle and any underlying medical health conditions. So, the next time you go for a full-body check-up, get a sleep test as untreated sleep disorders can complicate your health.


ResMed's Awaken Your Best campaign aims to make people aware of how proper rest is vital for your physical, mental, and emotional health. It attempts to correct the misconceptions about sleep apnea and snoring. The campaign recommends people take one sleep test to determine if something is wrong with their rest cycle. In this way, it aims to promote good sleep so that people can wake up their best every morning!

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