Five tips to Fight Sleep Deprivation- World Health Day

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Are you going through bouts of sleep deprivation at midnight? However, a night of good sleep is more or less is in your hand. Many people miss on their adequate slumber time due to their busy schedules which often lead to sleeping disorders and other diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good quality of sleep at night. There are a variety of practices and habits categorized as sleep hygiene that helps in the optimization of sleeping hours. Sleep hygiene might seem like a dream but it is one of the best ways to get satisfactory sleep.

Tips to fight sleep deprivation

Here are five simple tips to fight sleep deprivation-

1. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine

Coffee is a stimulant that can cause sleep deprivation, so avoid the consumption of coffee at least before six hours of hitting the bed. Similarly, beverages containing excessive sugar shouldn’t be consumed near bedtime. Smokers should refrain from smoking and using tobacco regularly because that can irritate the throat leading to snoring.

However, alcohol can help you doze off easily, after an hour or two; it will act as a stimulant. This leads to the number of awakenings decreasing the quality of sleep.

2. Turn your bedroom into a sleep-inducing environment

Adjusting your bedroom according to the weather, making it dark and cool would be perfect. To achieve this environment you need to lower the volume outside, use heavy curtains and avoid screens once you hit the bed.

3. Balance your internal clock and night time schedule

You need to balance your rhythmic system and for that, you need to set a schedule. It is extremely important to maintain discipline around slumbering and waking up. Try to maintain the same routine even on the weekends. If you haven’t slept well last night, you will be consistent the other night which will maintain your sleep drive.

4. Go to sleep when you’re fully ready

If you’re struggling for shut-eye even after 20 min of hitting the bed, just get out of bed simply. Because it indicates that your body is not fully ready for slumber. You can try some activities such as reading, listening to music, etc. Perform such activities until you’re tired and want to badly sleep.


5. Try sleeping with a CPAP device

In many cases people are not able to sleep even when they‘re tired, the reason can be a sleeping disorder. Sleep deprivation can cause sleeping disorders which can lead to cardiovascular disease if left untreated. Some people might have a sleeping disorder named Sleep Apnea in which a person goes through episodes of stopped breathing while sleeping. It affects the quality of sleep however, you can improve the quality of your sleep by using a CPAP device that pumps the required amount of oxygen into your body. This device comes with a mask that should be worn over either nose or mouth. It can cause discomfort initially, however, you will get used to it after a week or so. Check the best CPAP device online before your best buy.  

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