Make this Diwali Prosperous by Investing in a Good Night’s Sleep

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As the festival of Diwali is just around the corner, there is a lot of excitement in the air. Most people have already decorated their houses, started preparing delicacies, and completed shopping for the festivities. While kids are always excited to burst crackers and light diyas, the adults are eager to please the deity of wealth and prosperity, goddess Lakshmi. It is traditionally believed that she blesses her worshippers with an affluent and healthy life. 

Make Diwali Prosperous by Invest

But, only praying for fortune and welfare can’t guarantee well-being unless one follows a healthy lifestyle and invests in a good night’s sleep. Not resting for at least seven to eight hours can majorly affect the quality of life and disturb the balance between physical, emotional, and mental health. So, this time around, make Diwali more happy and prosperous by resting well and learning about the importance of sleep!

Why should you vow to sleep well this Diwali?

Getting a good night’s rest is as essential as regularly exercising and eating a balanced diet. Proper sleep supports mental well-being by improving concentration and focus. In addition, it enhances problem-solving skills and positively impacts your memory power. These factors improve productivity and result in better performance. 

Sleeping well boosts athletic abilities by promoting better endurance, faster speed, and quick reaction time. Additionally, proper rest strengthens the immune system and contributes to good health. According to healthcare experts, when people are well-rested, they are less likely to catch diseases as the body’s antibody response operates optimally. 

An inadequate amount of sleep can be dangerous as it may result in serious health repercussions like increased chances of heart disease and diabetes. It has been observed that sleep-deprived individuals are at a high risk of developing hypertension, especially if they have sleep apnea, a breathing-related rest disorder. Short sleep is also harmful as it increases the risk of type two diabetes, obesity, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases.

Besides affecting physical and mental being, lack of sleep impairs emotional stability and alters neural processes. The inability to recognize expressions can affect social intelligence and ruin relationships. So, celebrate this Diwali by taking a vow to catch on adequate sleep for thriving in every aspect of life.

How can you sleep better this Diwali?

Diwali is a happy occasion that celebrates light, positivity and the victory of good over evil. On this day, people meet friends and family and enjoy themselves. However, while having all the fun, they often forget about sleep. This is not ideal, as losing even a single night of rest can take a toll on the body and cause exhaustion. So, here are a few suggestions for sleeping better this Diwali:

1. Watch what you eat

Festivities in India are associated with binge eating. As people visit each other’s homes to celebrate Diwali, beverages and sweets are passed around the table. One must be cautious at this time since consuming heavy meals within a couple of hours before bedtime can lead to discomfort and inability to sleep.

2. Don’t drink excessively

On Diwali, most people prefer to let it loose and like to have a few drinks. However, one must be careful when doing so, as having too many glasses can affect sleep. While one may feel ready to drift off after having alcohol, staying asleep becomes difficult once the effects wear off. So, this Diwali, limit your alcohol consumption for better sleep.

3. Create a relaxing sleep environment

Creating a comfortable and relaxing sleep environment is necessary to rest well. But, since Diwali is associated with lights, it may be challenging to find a dark corner to doze off. Thus, before heading to bed, draw the curtains and close the bedroom door to prevent light from entering.

4. Follow a regular sleep routine

On the day of Diwali, there is so much to do. The festival is associated with rangoli, sweets, dressing up, and having loads of fun. But amidst all this, try not to overindulge and stay awake past bedtime. Not following the sleep routine can prevent one from resting peacefully for days to come.

5. Do not take excessive stress

While festivities mean celebrations and spending quality time with loved ones, they could also lead to added stress for some people. After all, one needs to make all the preparations for the parties and pujas, which can be a source of anxiety. It is advised to try and prevent this from happening since excessive stress poorly impacts sleep. Going to bed with worries keeps people tossing and turning when they must be sound asleep.

What can you gift to your loved ones this Diwali?

Celebrations offer us a chance to show our love and care to our loved ones. One way of doing so is by visiting friends and relatives bearing gifts. So, this Diwali, awaken your best and give the present of one sleep test and spread the joy of healthy sleep. The test is designed to assess sleep quality in a simple, accurate, and safe way. It has a sensor to track the heart rate, oxygen levels, and body movements to determine if the user is getting adequate sleep.


Diwali represents the victory of good over evil. So, celebrate this occasion by adopting healthy sleep habits to ensure that you and your loved ones lead a happy and prosperous life.


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