How Can a Dodow Help with Sleep Problems?

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The significance of getting a good night’s sleep cannot be stressed enough. Proper rest refreshes your brain and helps with the reparation of blood vessels. It energises your system and recovers the energy you lost while working.

People who fail to rest well at night often complain of issues with memory, weight gain, high blood pressure, weak immune system, and mood changes. It is why problems like insomnia need to be immediately treated with the help of sleep aids.

One such popular device that sleep experts are increasingly recommending to rest well is a dodow sleep aid device. If you are interested in knowing what a dodow is and how it functions, read this article! Here you go!

How Can a Dodow Help with Sleep Problems


What is a dodow?

A dodow can be understood as a device that uses the halo blue light and helps people suffering from insomnia sleep faster. For this, the light metronome machine pulses brightness at the ceiling at scientifically determined intervals and creates a hypnotic effect for restoring the balance of the autonomic nervous system. Synching ones breathing with the regular turning on and off of the lighting eases the patient’s mind, relaxes his body, and regulates breathing. By doing so, a dodow can put a person in deep and sound rest.

A dodow is the same size as a hockey puck and is mainly put on the nightstand to project rhythmic light onto the ceiling. Although the device is primarily meant to help people with insomnia, its relaxing effects are also helpful for other people. These include pregnant women, overthinkers, people dealing with excessive stress, anxious individuals, people living in noisy environments, or those who have other sleep disorders besides insomnia.


What is the science behind a dodow?

A dodow was designed by people who had insomnia and found relief in practising meditation and breathing exercises. They developed a natural sleep aid after delving into research on Pranayama - a yoga exercise that regulates breathing by slowing down respiration. A dodow that aspires you to follow this relaxation technique makes you emulate the brain activity that transpires during deep rest. Besides, the device helps manage mental turmoil and slows down the heartbeat to aid patients in falling asleep faster.

The role of breathing technique:

Practising rhythmic breathing reduces stress and anxiety. Since these causes probably keep sleep disorder patients up at night, using a dodow can effectively treat sleep problems. Another benefit of controlled breathing is positive nervous system activity. If you manage to sync your breathing with a dodow device, the body enters a state of relaxation, and the metabolism slows down. Slow inhalation and exhalation of air also reduce blood pressure and increase the release of carbon dioxide. Due to this, the blood vessels get smaller, making an individual feel exhausted.

Metronomes and good night’s sleep:

Experts believe that rhythms and metronomes induce quality sleep. The light metronomes developed by a dodow create a similar effect akin to the synchronised rocking motion. Some suggest that light and motion metronomes are elements that promote the onset of sleep and encourage sound and deep rest.


Functions of a dodow

A dodow is a sleep aid designed to help insomnia patients sleep faster and better. Experts suggest that the device comes of use in putting patients to sleep in approximately 20 minutes. It does so by projecting a pulsating blue light on the ceiling. It starts as a tiny dot that expands into a halo and turns back into the shape of a dot.

The patients have to sync their breathing with the metronome and inhale as the blue light expands and exhales as it shrinks back into the dot. Doing so for a selected time setting can induce sleep. Primarily, you can choose from two options; you can have an eight-minute session or go for an extended 20-minute one. The dodow sleep aid device will automatically turn off as soon as the selected duration ends.

The session duration should be chosen wisely, depending on your needs. Whereas the eight-minute session is advised for patients dealing with difficulty falling asleep, the twenty-minute session is suitable for chronic insomnia patients who fall asleep in hours. Conducting a session with a dodow can bring down the rhythm from 11 breaths per minute to 6 breaths per minute. In one sitting, the patient inhales for 40% of the time and exhales for 60% of the duration. Experts suggest that this breathing rate positively affects your blood pressure and heart rate and induces sleep.

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How to operate a dodow?

A dodow sleep aid device is a wireless and charger-free device that even people with limited knowledge can operate. If you have mild or less severe sleep troubles, you can tap the device once and set it up for an eight-minute session. On the other hand, you should get a more extended 20-minute duration session by tapping it twice for severe insomnia. To turn off the device before the session ends, you can hold the tap for about 2 seconds.



Many people are dealing with sleep problems like insomnia that make them toss and turn in their bed at night time. One of the sleep aids that can help people sleep better and faster is a dodow sleep aid device. The device emits a blue rhythmic light that a patient must match with his breathing to rest well. By soothing your brain, lowering your BP, and relaxing your body, a dodow can treat sleep troubles.

Disclaimer: The facts and information contained in this article are obtained from reputed medical research organisations and do not necessarily reflect the opinions & beliefs of ResMed. The solutions mentioned above are only suggestive remedies for treating sleep problems and should not be taken as medical advice. The content is meant only for informational purposes. So, the readers are advised to practice caution and consult a healthcare professional before pursuing any solution.

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