5 Acupressure Points For Sleep

Acupressure points are a natural and effective way to improve sleep quality and it helps to promote relaxation and highly effective to release tension, reduce stress, and balance the body's energy flow and they can lead to a calm mind and a more peaceful transition into sleep. Whether it's targeting points like Anmian for calming the mind or Shenmen for reducing anxiety, acupressure offers a best approach to treating sleep issues. In this article, we'll discuss acupressure points, benefits and techniques that can help you achieve a peaceful sleep. 


Acupressure Points For Sleep


The following five Acupressure Points for Sleep is mentioned below with their treatment and benefits :


1. Anmian (Extra Points)

The point is Located behind the ear and they are known to calm the mind and promote relaxation. 

Treatment from Anmian

To proceed with the treatment of Anmian ( Extra Points) you need to follow some steps given below:

  • You have to Sit comfortably and then apply gentle pressure to these points with your index or middle fingers. 
  • Massage gently in small circular motions for 3 minutes while taking slow, deep breaths to enhance relaxation. 
  • Repeat regularly before bedtime or whenever you feel restless.
  • With relaxation techniques, deep breathing and meditation. 

Benefits of Anmian ( Extra Points)

  • This treatment calms the mind and soothes anxiety.
  • It also promotes relaxation by releasing endorphins.
  • The treatment reduces muscle tension behind the ears and balances the body's energy flow.
  • It helps to address the root causes of insomnia and treats it well.
  • Enhances sleep continuity and depth and with the holistic approach targets underlying imbalances.
  • The Treatment is considered the Natural and most effective remedy for sleep disturbances.
  • Anmian also stimulates serene mental states before bedtime.


2. Shenmen (Heart 7)

The point of this treatment which is found on the wrist crease, in line with the little finger and it is believed to soothe the mind and relax the anxiety. 

Treatment from Shenmen ( Heart 7)

Applying gentle pressure with a gentle massage to this point can promote relaxation and  insomnia. Shenmen acupressure into nightly routines fosters a calm state of mind and facilitates a deeper and more restful sleep experience and may also provide a good sleep.

Benefits of Shenmen (Heart 7)

  • The treatment of Shenmen induces relaxation with easing tension and stress.
  • This treatment helps ease insomnia by calming the mind and body.
  • The treatment is used for improving overall sleep quality, leading to more restful nights.
  • It soothes the mind, fostering a mental state before bedtime.
  • Acupressure on Shenmen ( Heart 7) helps in reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of calmness conducive to sleep.


3. Yintang (Third Eye Point)

Yintang is situated between the eyebrows and it is renowned for its ability to relieve stress and promote mental clarity. 

Treatment from Yintang

  • In this treatment try to use your index finger to apply steady pressure to this point for 2  minutes with slow pressure and take a deep breath while doing so. 
  • Then start gently applying pressure, individuals can reduce stress, quieten and the stimulation aids in balancing the body's energy flow, promoting harmony within. 
  • As a result, The treatment of Yintang acupressure becomes a powerful tool for combating insomnia, improving sleep quality, and nurturing a restful night's sleep. It's a highly effective tool for insomnia. 

Benefits of Yintang ( Third Eye Point)

  • The treatment’s acupressure alleviates stress , tension and anxiety levels. 
  • Yintang helps in Stimulating induces a sense of tranquillity.
  • Third Eye Point helps in combating insomnia and promoting restful sleep.
  • The treatment really helps in balancing  the body's energy flow.
  • Regular Yintang acupressure enhances overall sleep quality, leading to rejuvenation and vitality.


4. Inner Frontier Gate ( Pericardium 6)

The point of acupressure is found on the inner forearm between two tendons and  Inner Frontier Gate, also known as Neiguan (Pericardium 6).

Treatment from Inner Frontier Gate

The point is Located on the inner forearm, with three finger-widths from the wrist crease, it holds remarkable potential. 

To activate this treatment you have to apply a soft or gentle pressure with the thumb or index finger and massage in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes which stimulates nausea, relieves motion sickness, reduces anxiety, and even eases insomnia and a regular treatment of the Inner Frontier Gate (Neiguan) not only enhances physical well-being but also promotes emotional balance. 

Benefits of Inner Frontier Gate

  • The acupressure Inner Frontier Gate helps to alleviate nausea and vomiting.
  • The treatment can help ease symptoms of motion sickness.
  • Regular treatment of the inner frontier gate can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation in sleep.
  • The treatment helps in easing insomnia and sleep disorder. 


5. Wind Pool ( Fengchi) 

The acupressure, Wind Pool is known as Fengchi and it is a vital acupressure point located at the base of the skull, where the neck muscles attach.

Treatment from Wind Pool

  • For this treatment you need to apply gentle pressure with your thumb or index finger to both sides of the neck and just below the skull base.
  • Then massage with a circular motion for 3 minutes, focusing on releasing tension and promoting relaxation. 
  • Wind Pool treatment can reduce headaches,  neck stiffness,  sinus congestion, and ease eye strain, etc. 
  • Regular stimulation of the Wind Pool points is used to aid in maintaining optimal health and balance.

Benefits of Wind Pool

  • Wind Pool acupressure reduces and helps with headaches and migraines.
  • The drops help relieve sinus pressure and congestion.
  • This treatment can reduce eye strain and fatigue.
  • It additionally reduces neck pressure and stiffness.
  • Regular air conditioning promotes relaxation and reduces stress.


When to see the Doctor ?

Sleep disturbances are more severe than regular acupressure treatments, it is important to see a doctor and the following situations are given below;

  • The acupressure initially helped but symptoms worsen over time, medical evaluation is warranted, so it is important to visit the doctor on time.
  • Individuals with underlying health conditions that cause sleep disorders should seek professional guidance or Health Care Support.
  • The acupressure may cause side effects or problems, so in that case it is important to evaluate it with a doctor.
  • Persistent sleep issues with psychiatric symptoms require evaluation by a health care provider or Doctor Treatment.


Acupressure points offer a natural and holistic approach to improving sleep, there are some areas where medical advice is necessary. It is majorly important to consult a physician if persistent sleep disturbances, severe insomnia, underlying health conditions, side effects, or mental health problems arise despite acupressure therapy. Remember that acupressure can relieve your discomfort or sleep problems but it should not replace professional medical advice. By combining the benefits of acupressure with appropriate therapy, individuals can effectively manage sleep disorders and enhance overall well-being and it is important to treat acupressure areas for sleep, but always use your health first and seek professional guidance whenever necessary.



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