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While some of us sleep like a log and do not create any disturbance once we drift off, others make loud snoring noises, which can degrade their partner's sleep quality. This is concerning because the inability to rest because of loud snoring puts you at risk of poor work performance, inability to perform daytime activities, and increased possibility of arguments with colleagues/friends. So, to help you rest well if you have a snoring partner, we have created a list of hacks. Let's have a look!

Snoring Partner.

Why is my partner snoring?

Snoring is a hoarse sound that is produced from the mouth and nose when your breathing gets hindered while resting at night. Since the airflow gets restricted, the soft tissues at the back of the throat, mouth, and nose bump into each other and produce vibrations. This is responsible for the rattling, snorting, or grumbling noise. A few reasons and factors that might block the airflow include:

  • Drinking or taking other sedatives can relax the throat muscles and restrict airflow.
  • Gaining excess body fat can mean increased pressure on the soft tissues, which can compress the airway.
  • Snoring is common in people with low muscle tone and muscle weakness in the nose, throat, and mouth.
  • In pregnant women, hormones cause inflammation in the nose, leading to snoring.
  • Having bulky soft tissues, including enlarged adenoids, tonsils, and tongue is another reason for snoring.
  • Inflammation and nasal congestion due to cold, flu, or allergy also lead to snoring.

How to sleep with snoring partner?

1. Encourage partner to get evaluated

If your partner snores regularly, get him evaluated. Don’t allow him to make excuses and insist he doesn’t snore. Explain to him your concern about his health. If he feels uncomfortable visiting the doctor alone, accompany him to the clinic. If the doctor suspects his snoring is a result of an underlying health problem like obstructive sleep apnea, he may recommend a sleep study.

2. Don’t focus on the snoring sound

While distracting your focus may sound like one of those easier-said-than-done solutions, it is quite effective. You can use the power of the mind and train yourself to neglect or downplay the snoring noise. A few strategies you can use to distract yourself include meditation, listening to podcasts, and hearing guided or mindful meditation. Using these solutions, you can learn to not focus on snoring or tune in enough to fall asleep.

3. Try wearing earplugs

Stuffing your ears with earplugs is another method that can help you drift off while your partner tries different snoring solutions. It can help muffle the sound or eliminate unwanted noise. When searching for one that meets your requirements, you can pick from the array of choices available in the market. You can get soft foam earplugs that are inexpensive or silicone noise-controlling earbuds designed for users who spend their time in noisy environments.

4. Listen to the white noise

A white noise machine generates a soothing sound that helps you drift off. They offer a steady and continuous noise that blocks out other disturbances like the sound of snoring or sirens so you can be lulled to sleep. Thus, listening to a white noise device is recommended for people struggling with sleep.

5. Switch your partner’s sleep position

One of the most effective solutions to help your partner stop snoring is to change his sleep position. Encourage him to lie on his sides or stomach instead of lying in the supine position. If your partner unconsciously turns to his back while resting, you can try the following options to prevent this from happening:

  • Putting on a padded belt makes it difficult for the wearer to lie on their back. So, they have to roll over to their side, where they are less likely to snore.
  • For those wondering how to stop snoring, lying on the sides is a solution. For this purpose, you can tie a tennis ball to your partner’s back. It will make it discomforting for him to switch to his back.
  • Head positioning pillows are another solution to help prevent snoring. They align the user’s neck and make it less likely for them to snore.

6. Try snoring remedies

In some cases, making lifestyle changes might treat the snoring problem. For this purpose, you can motivate your partner to try snoring remedies like elevating the head of the bed, using a nasal dilator, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding sedatives before bed, and maintaining a moderate weight.

7. Sleep in a different room

Challenging situations call for desperate solutions. If despite trying all the tricks mentioned above, you cannot stop your partner’s snoring or get some sleep while lying by his side, consider resting in a different room. Don’t feel guilty for protecting your sanity. Meanwhile, you can also encourage your partner to try other snoring remedies.

Does sleeping with a snoring partner affect health?

Resting with a snoring partner and lying awake night after night can give way to resentment. It can negatively impact your relationship and lead to arguments. Suffering wordlessly is also not an option, as sleepless nights affect your focus and performance at work. Also, listening to your partner's snoring can lead to sleep deprivation and result in a poor mood, increased risk of heart disease, high chances of diabetes, and increased blood pressure. Also, not acquiring six hours of rest every night can lead to obesity.


Snoring is an annoying habit that can affect sleep quality. If your partner snores at night, instead of suffering silently, a better solution is addressing the problem. While trying solutions to help you drift off to sleep, you should encourage your partner to make lifestyle changes and help cure this habit, seek medical advice, and consider a home sleep test to diagnose and treat the issue effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to sleep with a partner who snores?

Try using earplugs, a white noise machine, or separate bedrooms if necessary. Encourage your partner to sleep on their side, as it might reduce snoring.

How to get someone to stop snoring?

Encourage lifestyle changes like losing weight, quitting smoking, and avoiding alcohol before bed. Consider medical devices like nasal strips or a CPAP machine if snoring persists.

Is snoring ruining my relationship?

Snoring can strain relationships by causing sleep disruption and resentment. Open communication about the issue and seeking solutions together is crucial for mitigation.

Why does my husband snore so loudly?

Loud snoring can be caused by factors like obesity, nasal issues, sleep position, or alcohol consumption. It might also indicate sleep apnea, so consulting a doctor is advisable.

Why does my girlfriend snore so loudly?

Snoring in women can be influenced by weight, sleep posture, and alcohol use. Hormonal fluctuations and the structure of the airway also play roles. A medical consultation might help identify any underlying issues.

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