EliséeTM 350

Portable invasive and noninvasive ventilation for ICU, critical care and transport.

Combines all of the conventional ventilation modes, diagnostic and monitoring functions required in the ICU. Easy to use during transportation inside or outside the hospital.

The new End tidal CO2 (EtCO2) sensor for Elisée 350 ventilators is a convenient alternative to invasive capnographic procedures. It connects easily with Elisée ventilators to form a complete ventilation system for patient transportation and hospital use.

The EtCO2 sensor enables medical staff to quickly, easily and noninvasively monitor patients’ CO2 levels to allow the right level of care.

Elisée<sup>TM</sup> 350

Key features

  • High mobility and uninterrupted ventilation - Continuity of power supply provides three hours* (minimum) of internal battery power and three additional hours of power with the external hot swappable battery packs. *Tested under specific conditions. Please see the user guide for more information.
  • Advanced performance - Oxygen and nebulisation functionalities – blender enables oxygen concentration to be set at 21-100% with FiO2 monitoring displayed on-screen. Nebulisation is synchronised with patients’ ventilation. 
  • Dedicated algorithm for invasive and noninvasive (NIV) use with trigger sensitivity now with NIV+
  • Easy monitoring with real time waveforms displayed on screen
  • Quick access to respiratory mechanics screens for automatic calculation of lung resistance and compliance

How to buy

Please contact our Customer Service department for a list of ResMed accredited outlets that distribute ResMed products.