What are the different ways to avoid sleeping problems during unprecedented times?

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Lockdown has taken a toll on people’s sleep and sleep is an important aspect of human life. Factors provided, having anxiety issues and sleep problems are completely normal to have on personal, social, and societal levels. Despite the threat we all have been facing due to the noble coronavirus, many of us can moisten our emotions and thoughts. However, in such conditions, it is important to cultivate good sleep. It helps in making general things better in life. Some daytime tips would help with sleeping problems.


Some daytime tips to avoid sleeping problems

Maintain a consistent routine- Try and fix the time of your sleep and waking up every day. Wake up at the same time and hit the bed at the fixed hour. A fixed wake-up time navigates a way to set your body’s wake-up cycle. Also, you need to make it a habit to have a meal, workout, and other important activities on time. You need to pay attention to the hints your body would be sending you and you can maintain this until you get used to some other routine. This trick will help you in life after coronavirus disappears.

Get morning sunlight- Get up early in the morning and breathe some fresh air and intense sunlight. Light is the natural source of the body that sets circadian rhythm and exposure to the sun on daily basis will help you in keeping up your circadian rhythm. If you live in a place where you cannot get direct sunlight, you should take sunbathe at least for 20 minutes per day.

Maintain workout routine- Exercising on daily basis would help you sleep better at night. It also helps you in reducing stress and improving your mood. Exercise as best as you can. Avoid exercising in groups.

Don’t use your while you’re not willing to sleep- While the gravity of the situation is really serious, people might end up sleeping all day long. But, you shouldn’t be affecting your physical health due to this. Therefore, you need to take naps but try and keep it short.

Avoid caffeine- Avoid the consumption of caffeine at least six hours before sleeping.

Nighttime techniques to sleep easily

Prepare beforehand for sleeping- Avoid the electronic items from your bedroom such as TV, phone, etc. Especially news, these days seldom news provides sensationalized news which might leave you anxious.

Minimize alcohol intake- Try not to drink at least six hours before you fall asleep at night. Because it can deteriorate your sleep quality.

Set a fixed bedtime- There are times in the night time when your body is not able to sleep. If you’re feeling sleepy but you’re not able to sleep, you must sit down with a pen and paper and vomit out your thoughts and try to sleep.

Reduce stress- The evening and before sleeping hours are great for relaxation techniques such as meditation and breathing techniques.

These are some points about the cure of sleeping problems which can help you sleep better.

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