Beat the sleeping blues: This sleep tracker will ensure a perfect night’s sleep

When you look at a comic strip or read a book, the idea of snoring usually indicates a character is having the best sleep of their lives. Sadly, this misconception has been part of our lives for so long that we find it difficult to believe when people tell us that snoring actually means you have an actual problem. In reality, snorers wake up feeling fatigued and disoriented from a poor night’s sleep, which in turn results in other complications such as lifestyle diseases, poor sex drive, and even mental health issues.

However, this health condition, which is known to the world as sleep apnoea, can be treated. But before we get into the treatment, let us understand what happens to the body of a person who suffers from sleep apnoea.

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An individual suffering from sleep apnoea usually struggles because their breathing involuntarily stops due to the over-relaxation of their throat muscles. These pauses occur several times at night, with the maximum going up to 30 or more, thereby resulting in a poor night’s sleep.

The most common type of sleep apnoea known to humans is called obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). In this condition, the relaxed throat muscles obstruct normal breathing, which results in snoring, waking up suddenly in the middle of the night, migraines in the morning, mood swings and irritability, waking up in a cold sweat, and decreased libido.

One of the biggest challenges in this day and age is stepping out to see a doctor, thanks to COVID-19. Given that doctors don’t have that secure a bubble because of the number of patients they see every day, people try and have e-consultations or look at other alternatives. Our team at ResMed has also realised the need for a solution that will improve your sleep without you physically having to visit a doctor.

ResMed launched OneSleepTest by NightOwl India, a US-FDA-approved technique to manage your sleep. The test, which is a disposable home sleep test, aims to help patients, who suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnoea, fix their sleeping patterns.

The test is a disposable, multi-night use test with a built-in NightOwl sensor to measure key indicators such as heart rate, oxygen desaturation and body movements to determine sleep quality. All you are required to do is wear it around your finger and the device will determine your oxygen levels, your heart rate, your total sleep time, and your body movements. You will then get a verified report from a sleep physician on the path ahead to ensure you have good sleep.

Taking a OST is your first step to feeling better by looking after your sleep.

If you think your aren’t sleeping right you can book your OneSleepTest kit here – and follow the simple instructions to activate the sleep test via Night Owl app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. OneSleepTest allows a patient to assess his results via email by a certified sleep specialist at ResMed along with suitable therapies and treatments.

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