Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation Solutions for Children

Our noninvasive ventilation (NIV) solution for children is designed with a child’s ultimate comfort in mind, giving you peace of mind that he or she is receiving safe and effective treatment.

Pixi mask: Just for children

Pixi isn't a small-sized adult mask being used for children; it’s a nasal mask that is designed especially for kids ages two and over, taking into account the bone structure, facial characteristics and skin sensitivity of young faces. Every feature of the Pixi mask is carefully considered to improve therapy comfort, acceptance and overall experience for both the child and caregiver. Read more about the carefully considered features of the Pixi mask.

Respiratory support devices

ResMed produces a range of pressure support devices that are suitable for children in a range of environments. Once your child is ready to begin treatment, your care provider will recommend the most appropriate device for your child. Learn more about the Stellar™ Series.

ResMed Power Station II (RPS II)

Some ResMed devices give you the option of an external battery source called the RPS II. If your child needs therapy during the day and night, having an external battery like the RPS II means he or she can get out with their equipment, even while in a wheelchair, giving each child a sense of freedom and independence.

Helping kids adjust to therapy

Just like adults, children may initially resist the idea of something new — maybe even more so than adults. To help make your child’s treatment journey as smooth as possible, our therapy solution also includes extras that can help he or she overcome behavioral barriers and adjust to therapy.

  • Along with the Pixi mask, ResMed has developed the fun loving Pixi character, who is featured throughout the whole treatment journey (from coloring sheets to stickers, on the device).
  • In addition to the functional User Guide, we’ve also created a Parent Guide for caregivers. Using tips and techniques from clinical specialists, the reassuring Parent Guide helps empower those who are new to therapy, and support them on their child’s journey.
  • A picture book called “The Magical Mask” tells the fictional story of a little girl who also needs to wear the mask every night.
  • Plus, we’ve developed a Pixi soft toy, coloring sheets and crayons to engage your child.


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