LumisTM series

Personalised ventilation made easy

Lumis is a noninvasive ventilator series offering personalised ventilation to non-dependent patients with respiratory insufficiency.

Every Lumis device is set up to enable personalised ventilation – easily. So you can use one device series to customise therapy for a range of patient conditions.

Individually-responsive technologies automatically monitor and adapt throughout the night to deliver personalised noninvasive ventilation (NIV).

Key features

QuickNav for low-touch therapy adjustment. By simply double-clicking the home button on the device, you can quickly and easily toggle between the Settings screen (where you can make adjustments to your patient’s therapy) and the Monitoring screen (where you can check the impact of those adjustments on the patient’s therapy). It’s that easy and efficient.

Climate Control Auto for automatic humidification. When used with a HumidAir™ heated humidifier and ClimateLineAir™ heated tube, Lumis delivers humidification automatically – no settings to change and no complicated menus to navigate. So you can set your patients up to receive all the benefits of humidification as soon as they turn on their device.  

Ramp and Ramp Down for extra comfort. Lumis offers both Ramp and Ramp Down features to help patients ease into and out of each therapy session. Ramp reaches the prescribed therapy level gradually and comfortably, while Ramp Down gradually reduces the pressure support to help ease patients into spontaneous breathing.  

Essentials mode for patients who want to receive their therapy without worrying about settings or menus. They can simply press Start and the ventilator takes care of the rest. 

ResScan software for advanced clinical insights.  ResScan enables you to download your patients’ therapy data, change ventilator settings, and gain insight into their therapy progress across a number of metrics (including AHI, leak and pressure). High-resolution data (at 25 Hz) is also available for breath-by-breath analysis and even greater insight.

Click here for more information on the clinical efficacy of iVAPS (as mentioned in the Lumis and iVAPS brochures).


Lumis 100 VPAP S

A noninvasive ventilator designed for spontaneously breathing non-dependent patients with respiratory insufficiency. Features Vsync, TiControl and Trigger and cycle.

Lumis 150 VPAP ST

A noninvasive ventilator designed for non-dependent patients with obstructive or restrictive respiratory conditions. Features iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured pressure Support) mode, intelligent Backup Rate (iBR), optional AutoEPAP, Vsync, TiControl and Trigger and cycle.