S9TM device series

The S9TM Series is ResMed's advanced suite of sleep apnoea therapy devices, designed to provide comfortable treatment for your patients. A ResMed study of 50 patients showed an increase in sleeping time while using the S9 device when compared to their existing device - including patients who had struggled most with their therapy.1

The S9 has five unique features that help your patients stay compliant and feel the benefits of healthy sleep:

Ultra quiet motor. The quiet Easy-Breathe motor helps make sleep more peaceful for patients and their bed partners by reducing both conducted and radiated noise.2

Superior humidification with Climate Control. With warmer air being delivered, patients report less dryness and rainout with the S9 heated tube system, and find temperature and humidity at the mask to be more comfortable.2

Comfortable Easy-Breathe technology. All S9 devices are designed to deliver air in a smooth waveform that follows natural inhalation and exhalation patterns, resulting in a comfortable breathing experience. Patients find the natural Easy-Breathe waveform comfortable to breathe with and experience fewer wakeups when compared to their previous device.1,2

Stylish, user-friendly design. S9 devices are modern and compact. Their minimalist styling and compact size make S9 devices look more like high-end sound systems than home therapy devices.  The user-friendly controls, intuitive interface and bright colour LCD help guide patients through the setup process, making it simple to navigate menus and customise settings for more personalised therapy.

S9 essentials for ease of use. You can use the S9 essentials, to establish therapy settings for patients so they can simply press Start for one-touch, sleep apnoea therapy.



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