ResMed sleep therapy devices: innovation and technology

At ResMed, our mission is to improve your patient's day-to-day therapy experience.

Your patient's therapy comfort and treatment efficacy are important to us. Our focus on continuous innovation allows us to push the boundaries to give your patients smaller, quieter and more comfortable sleep therapy devices that are also easy to set up and use.

Learn more about all the different sleep therapy technologies that feature in various devices across our range.

Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor

Quietly delivering comfort

At the heart of our sleep therapy devices is the enhanced Easy-Breathe motor, uniquely designed to synchronise with your patient's breathing.

  • Easy-breathe technology provides gentle increases and decreases in pressure in line with each patient's natural breathing pattern, designed to ensure the respiratory cycle is smooth and comfortable.
  • The Easy-Breathe motor helps to deliver high performance more quietly. The radiated noise has been reduced so that it is no louder than normal breathing.* The conducted noise has been reduced creating a peaceful sleeping environment for your patient and their bed partner.
Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor

Here’s how it works:

Radiated noise: The sound you hear in the room


Conducted noise: The noise through the tube


*24 dBA. Comparison tests conducted between S9, S8 and currently available competitor products.


The enhanced Easy-Breathe motor features small diameter lightweight impellers which provide lower inertia. This enables the motor to track your normal breathing waveform and produce the small oscillations in pressure required to detect central sleep apnoeas.

Tube temperature

If the air in the mask feels too warm or too cold, the patient can adjust the temperature to find what is most comfortable or turn it off completely. The tube temperature can be set to anywhere between 16-30°C.

The temperature sensor located at the mask end of the ClimateLine air tubing enables the system to automatically control the temperature of the air delivered to the patient. This ensures the temperature of the air delivered to the patient does not fall below the set minimum temperature, therefore maximising breathing comfort for the patient.

Humidity level

The humidifier moistens the air and is designed to make therapy more comfortable. If the patient has a dry nose or mouth, turn up the humidity. If the patient is receiving excessive moisture in their mask, turn down the humidity.

The humidity level can be set to Off or between 1 and 8, where 1 is the lowest humidity setting and 8 is the highest humidity setting.

For each humidifier setting, the Climate Control system delivers a constant amount of water vapour, or absolute humidity (AH), to the patient’s upper airway.

Obstructive sleep apnoea

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Central sleep apnoea

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*Note: The Enhanced AutoSet Algorithm is only available in the S9 AutoSet. Central Sleep apnoea (CSA) detection is available in both S9 AutoSet and S9 Elite.

SlimLineTM tube

Smaller, slimmer, sleeker

Convenient, comfortable and user-friendly, ResMed's SlimLine tubes are 40% lighter and 20% thinner and takes up 35% less space than standard tubes.*

  • Flexible and travel-friendly for your patient’s freedom and comfort.
  • The slim, flexible design makes it easier for your patient to move around in bed without pulling on the mask and breaking the seal.
  • Both ends of the SlimLine tube are designed to be easy to grip, and slot into the mask and device without any fuss.

* Compared to standard 19 mm tubing

SlimLine<sup>TM</sup> tube

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