ResMed masks: innovation and technology

At ResMed, our mission is to improve your patients’ day-to-day therapy experience.

Your patient’s comfort during therapy is important to us. Our focus on continuous innovation allows us to push the boundaries to give your patients masks that are lightweight, easy to use, easy to fit and provide a stable seal.

Learn more about all the different mask technologies that feature in various masks across our range.

Quattro™ Air dual-wall cushion

  • The sculpted inner wall provides support and stability.
  • Air flowing between the two walls helps to achieve a comfortable, stable seal without having to over tighten the headgear.

Spring AirTM technology

ResMed’s focus on continuous innovation means that we aim to design masks that are comfortable, seal well and are easy to care for.

Dual-wall nasal pillows

  • The thin outer wall is soft and comfortable.
  • The flexible inner wall helps to create a secure, stable seal.
  • Airflow between the two walls gently inflates the pillows to softly seal across a wide range of nares.
  • The pillows sit gently at the entrance of the nostrils and move independently of each other so they won't come out of the nose or lose seal as the patient moves around during sleep.

Diffused venting

  • Gently directs air away from your patient and their bed partner which helps to create a quieter and more comfortable sleeping environment.

Squeeze-tab elbow

  • Squeezing the tabs on either side of the elbow makes it easy to connect and disconnect the elbow from the frame with just one hand. For added convenience and ease-of-use, the patient can attach the tube to the elbow before attaching the elbow to the frame.

Anti-asphyxia valve for added safety

  • Allows the patient to breathe room air in the event of a power failure. Featured in all ResMed vented full-face masks.

SoftEdgeTM headgear

  • Ready to fit and wear.
  • Made from soft, flexible and breathable material, it is gentle on the face 

Breathe-O-PreneTM headgear

  • Breath-O-Prene headgear is made from soft, durable and long-lasting material.
  • Air flows through the fabric so that it 'breathes', drawing moisture away from the skin for patient comfort.