Increase compliance

You don't have to sacrifice patient care when it comes to running a profitable business. Having happy, compliant patients means they'll return to you for their sleep therapy needs, creating a loyal customer base and increasing your opportunity for resupply and growing revenue. Focusing on compliance is good for your patients and good for business.

Start with ResMed products

ResMed products are designed to be as comfortable as possible so patients are more likely to accept therapy. Our portfolio of masks and devices offers a therapy option for every patient, helping them become compliant not just in those first critical weeks of therapy, but in the long run.

We all know that compliance begins at the mask. In fact, mask discomfort has been cited as one of the top reasons patients reject CPAP therapy.1 That's why we work hard to continually improve our masks so that they're not only appealing to patients, but comfortable and easy to use on a daily basis.

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Our commitment to comfort and quality does not stop at masks. Our CPAP devices are engineered with cutting edge technology to create a comfortable, quiet system that fits into your patients' lifestyles.

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Data solutions

Last but not least, we recognise that data is an integral part of your business. The following solution allows you to monitor patient compliance.

  • Rescan™ – This is ResMed's PC-based clinical analysis and patient data management software that allows you to update and review device therapy settings and download, analyse and store therapy data.



Weigelt L, Westbrook P, Doshi R. Dissatisfaction with OSA management among CPAP rejecters and the role of the primary care physician. SLEEP 2010;33;A159