ResScan™ is ResMed's PC-based clinical analysis and patient data management software that allows you to update and review device therapy settings and download, analyse and store therapy data. It takes a deeper look into patient therapy data using detailed statistics and summary graphs, allowing you to review therapy breath-by-breath across a number of therapy metrics (including AHI, leak and pressure information) in order to gain clinical insights to improve therapy, enhance efficacy and support long-term compliance.

Compatible with most ResMed therapy devices, ResScan data can be collected via the Data Card or USB, depending on the device. In addition, you can change therapy settings on all non-life support devices.


Key features

  • Customise report templates to show the information you want, how you want it. You can save and email reports from within the software and flag patient follow-ups on the Start screen.
  • Utilise the compliance reporting feature to quickly evaluate a patient's status. 30-day compliance reporting provides clear and easy documentation for referral sources.
  • Analyse and evaluate treatment for more complex patient cases by reviewing the detailed breath by breath across a large range of clinical metrics.
  • Choose from three levels of data depending on your patients' needs: Summary (view trends up to 365 nights); Detailed (view breath by breath therapy data up to 30 nights); High Resolution (view research quality flow data up to seven nights).
  • Change device therapy settings data for any non-life support device.
  • View critical device alarms, alerts and events.
  • View nightly oximetry data on therapy devices.
  • Server/enterprise friendly.

How to buy

Please contact our Customer Service department for a list of ResMed accredited outlets that distribute ResMed products.

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