Know Your Sleep Apnea Risk with the myNight App

Have you ever stopped to ask if snoring is bad? And we don’t mean it’s bad because it simply disturbs your bed partner, or is not something that people readily admit to. We mean is snoring bad for your health - complicating existing medical conditions or increasing your sleep apnea risk?

Have you ever been told by your family members that you snore? Or have you ever told a family member that they snore?

More often than not, people’s initial reaction to someone pointing out that they snore is denial. “No I don’t,” is the common response. And we usually drop the discussion after a few laughs or accept it as a normal part of our lives.

Well, snoring per se is not bad for health. But persistent snoring is a key symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, with brings with it a host of other health and lifestyle challenges. So yes, snoring is bad, it can be harming your health, and should be taken seriously.

So how do you determine if your snoring is caused by a wrong sleeping position or a symptom of sleep apnea?

While in most cases a medical practitioner is best suited to make that diagnosis, there is an easier way to get some preliminary information yourself. Just use ResMed’s free myNight app. 

What’s the myNight app?

ResMed’s myNight app is a simple way to analyse your sleep and understand if you are at risk of sleep apnea. The app uses your smartphone’s microphones to capture the sounds - breathing and snoring - as you sleep, and compares the data to a set of normal sleep profiles. A close analysis of the difference between your and standard normal sleep profiles reveals your sleep apnea risk.

The myNight app, once downloaded:

Know Your Sleep Apnea Risk with the myNight App

  • Requests the user to fill a quick questionnaire: This is to get some information about a person’s health and lifestyle, so the app can better analyse the final result. The questions are simple, like your height, weight, age, and a few other details.

  • Records snoring: You can switch on the app and put it close to the person you wish to assess. Place the phone within 50 cms of the person, with the microphone pointing towards them, and ensure there are no obstructions in between. The app will record all instances of snoring throughout the night.

  • Records breathing pauses: Snoring at night is caused by the restriction of airflow through your nose, throat and airways. In some cases, this can interrupt your breathing completely, rousing you briefly to clear the blockage. These breathing pauses are monitored by the myNight app, because they contribute to your risk level.

  • Measures risk of sleep apnea: Combining the above three data points, the myNight app can grade a person’s sleep apnea risk with a high degree of accuracy. And understand your, or a loved one’s risk level will help you take the right next step towards treating sleep apnea. 

The most useful feature of the myNight app is the sleep recording feature. It has helped many users realise and accept that they do snore. And that is an important step towards acknowledging the problem and moving towards diagnosis and treatment. 

I was a snorer and at denial stage. I always used to say that I do not snore and never admitted that in front of my family and friends. Later on after hearing my own worst snoring at myNight app, I realized that I was a party spoiler and problem creator for my wife as she lived with my snoring. myNight gave me complete analysis and risk factor which prompted me to take an action on my sleep problem (snoring).

-       Sandeep Tandon, myNight app user

So if you are aware that you snore, or have a loved one who snore, it’s time to take it seriously. Download the myNight app and get a scientifically backed assessment on on what your snoring means, and your sleep apnea risk.

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