Few steps for preventing COPD disease flare-ups

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If you have Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD disease for a long time, you’re more prone to facing exacerbations. They are also known as flare-ups of respiratory disease. There are few COPD symptoms such as breathlessness, coughing, and wheezing. If left untreated this disease can turn into an emergency where you might be in the need of urgent treatment. COPD flares up can be extremely dangerous. However, if you learn to manage and prevent the occurrence of exacerbations can protect you from getting heart attacks and unnecessary trips to the doctor.


Symbols of COPD disease flare-up

  • Falling short of breath- When you feel like that you cannot breathe or gasping for air.
  • Frequent cough attacks- Coughing helps in getting rid of the blockage in your lungs and airways. It helps in the removal of irritants.
  • Accumulation of mucus- You are more likely to cough a little more than that too in a different colour.
  • Wheezing- When you hear a wheeze or a sound when you breathe that means air is forced into your airways.
  • Fatigue or sleep problems- Sleep disturbances or exhaustion which means your body is getting less oxygen.
  • Cognitive impairment- Confusion and slowed thought process, depression, and memory lapses mean that brain is not receiving enough amount of oxygen.

If you’re struggling with breathing on daily basis, immediate medicine is required.

Four steps to curb your COPD flare

When you’re under-going a COPD disease flare, the first thing you can do to manage your COPD flare-up you can outline the following steps-

Stop smoking

If you smoke on regular basis, stop smoking because it can make your COPD symptoms worse. However, once the damage is done to your lungs it cannot be reversed. Giving up on smoking can make other things better.

Bi-level devices for COPD

Bi-level devices provide two different types of air pressure which helps you in breathing effortlessly. Because of this reason Bi-level device is prescribed to people who are suffering from COPD. It decreases the effort airways make to breathe which is important for people who are suffering from COPD. There are very rare complications caused by a Bi-PAP device.

Use an oxygen tank to get more oxygen in your body

Are you taking supplement oxygen at home; you might want to use it during the flare-up too. It is advised to follow the plan which is suggested by your doctor. Just try and relax your breathing while you’re breathing in oxygen.

Shift a mechanical intervention

In some rare situations of COPD disease, anti-inflammatory steroids, medication, and oxygen therapy will never bring you these exacerbations back to a curbed situation. In such cases, you will be provided a mechanical intervention along with medication.

If you think that your at-home treatment is not bringing any good to your health, you need to go for the treatment by a specialist. You might be in the need of an IV to rehydrate your body. Book your Bi-PAP device today!


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