Transitioning home and staying mobile

Stellar not only provides for patients’ respiratory needs, but also helps them achieve lifestyle goals. Stellar’s lightweight yet robust design makes it a mobile solution for any environment where ventilation is needed. And with a battery life that’s extendable to up to 18 hours, patients can ably carry on with their daily activities with confidence. Having the competitive advantage of both portability and full functionality, Stellar is ideally positioned to rehabilitate patients in hospital while aiding their transition to therapy at home and beyond.

Encouraging independence, mobility and rehabilitation with:

  • An internal battery: 2 hours of continuous power
  • External batteries: the power of one – or two – RPS II external batteries, each providing an extra 8 hours’ capacity
  • A DC-DC converter: plug in mobility for use anywhere with a DC outlet, including cars
  • Custom-built mobility bags: protecting the ventilator while out and about
  • A quality build and durable body: rigorously tested to withstand day-to-day use