AstralTM series

Delivering on its promise to provide greater freedom, confident care and designed efficiency, Astral 100 and Astral 150 are proving themselves to be invaluable life support ventilators for a wide range of patient types – from adult patients to paediatric patients weighing as little as 5 kg.

By introducing an auto-adjusting volume-assured pressure support mode (iVAPS) with an intelligent-backup rate (iBR) and auto-adjusting EPAP (AutoEPAP), Astral sets a new standard in responsive life support ventilation. It’s what we call ‘IntelligentAir’. Learn about Astral and IntelligentAir.

Astral highlights

Greater freedom

Patients can feel confident knowing that Astral will keep them supported as they continue with the routine of their daily lives in or out of the hospital and home.

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Confident care

Home to ResMed’s NIV technologies, Astral helps you provide ventilation that is comfortable, synchronised and responsive to each patient’s respiratory needs. And with several monitoring options available, Astral keeps clinicians informed with accurate information at all stages of a patient’s condition.

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Designed efficiency

The award-winning Astral is engineered to address challenges of busy hospital environments. With customisable therapy programs and device features to support quick and accurate patient setup, Astral helps staff free up more time for patient care.

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Astral 100

Treating a range of adult and paediatric respiratory patients, Astral 100 delivers excellence in non-invasive and invasive ventilation in the hospital and home.

Astral 150

Combining all the features of Astral 100, plus a configurable double limb circuit, 2 additional therapy programs, and the availability of both sigh breath and manual breath therapy, Astral 150 delivers excellence in non-invasive and invasive ventilation in the hospital and home.