Protect every breath

The S9 VPAP™ ST-A device with iVAPS offers an intelligent option for noninvasive ventilation with the security of alarms and maximum pressure of 30cm H2O.


The VPAP ST-A with iVAPS has an alarm module that continuously monitors both therapy and device for nondependent patients. Adding the extra level of security the device has four fixed and five adjustable alarms to help ensure your patient is receiving optimum therapy.


Intelligent, personalised and automatic

With the iVAPS mode setting up patients and treating their changing respiratory needs has become a whole lot easier. It automatically adjusts the level of pressure support to achieve and maintain target alveolar ventilation.

Intelligent, personalised and automatic

Other features

  • Targets alveolar ventilation for stable gas exchange in a variety of breathing conditions.
  • Includes a Learn Targets mode to make it easier to set up with minimal respiratory expertise required.
  • Applies iBR only when needed, maximising spontaneous breathing while providing the security of a backup rate.
  • Includes Vsync leak compensation and TiControl™ to help improve patient ventilator synchrony.
  • Audio and visual alarms for added security.

What sets the S9 VPAP ST-A apart?

  • High performance: pressures to 30 cm H2O allow you to treat the full range of NIV patients with a small, portable device.
  • Suitable for non-dependent patients weighing 13kg and over or 30kg and over when using iVAPS.
  • Added security: configurable audio and visual alarms.

Seamless from hospital to home

For patients treated on ResMed's Stellar™ 150  device in a hospital setting, ResMed VPAPTM devices provide a seamless transition to successful treatment in the home.

How to buy

Please contact our Customer Service department for a list of ResMed accredited outlets that distribute ResMed products.