Environmental policy

ResMed’s mission statement

ResMed changes lives by developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative medical devices and cloud-based software solutions to better diagnose, treat, and manage sleep-disordered breathing, COPD, and other key chronic diseases.


All levels of management and employees are responsible for minimizing the impact of ResMed's operations on the environment.

Environmental policy statement

ResMed is committed to working with our employees, suppliers and customers to protect the environment and in doing so to systematically reduce our costs. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary waste in all our systems & processes, such as minimizing our use of natural resources 
  • Minimizing our pollution, in particular our non-biodegradable waste to landfill
  • Designing and developing products with reduced impact on the environment throughout their lifecycle.
  • Increasing our employees' awareness of the environmental impacts of their decisions and actions
  • Monitoring our environmental performance and collaborating with employees, suppliers, customers and regulatory bodies to make continual improvements
  • Fulfilling our compliance obligations including applicable federal, state, local laws and regulations, as well as relevant international programs aimed at reducing harmful pollutants