Amit Sen's Story

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I was diagnosed with sleep apnea serendipitously – about eight years ago when I was on a retreat, my room partner happened to be a doctor.  He luckily immediately spotted I had sleep apnea; a discovery that completely changed my life. 

I later realised that I had sleep apnea for about 30 years, and used to wake up in the middle of the night with a jerk, never knowing it was a severe apnea.  I snored very heavily, and remember when I went to a work team-building event in the bush, and had to stay in a tent; unfortunately for my tent partner he had to get out and stay up all night.

During a spell when I worked for an International airline, I traveled often in first class in planes and used to keep the whole cabin area up. I was once requested discreetly by the cabin crew to try and manage my snoring, which was most embarrassing 

Since CPAP therapy, I now have no problems and a lot more energy. I thank the Resmed staff from the bottom f my heart and acknowledge unhesitatingly that the treatment and the equipment totally changed my life. 

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