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Transformation Needs Leadership: Katrin Pucknat Honored as Leadership Role Model in Turbulent Times


Impact of Diversity Award in the category Rolemodel Leadership in Transformation goes to Katrin Pucknat, President ResMed Germany

MUNICH, March 5, 2021 - During an online event, the Impact of Diversity organization presented Katrin Pucknat, President at ResMed Germany and member of ResMed’s Global Executive Team, with the award Rolemodel Leadership in Transformation. The award recognizes managers who have made a significant mark in the area of transformation and cultural change in companies.

The 43-member jury, consisting of renowned representatives from the fields of business, media and associations, chose Katrin Pucknat after she made it onto the shortlist of award candidates in a public vote from a total of 200 applicants and 61.000 votes. For the jurors, Katrin Pucknat is a woman with high innovative power and a great success story. For them, it became very clear that innovation, modern leadership and support for diversity are a common thread running through the ResMed President's CV. In the COVID-19 pandemic, her innovation and management achievements were particularly evident, as the extreme demand for ventilators required quick, equitable and innovative decisions. For the jury, Katrin Pucknat is clearly driving digitalization in the medical field with her team and stands for interdisciplinary exchange.

" "What can I say - I was just incredibly pleased. With this award, the idea that is fundamental to me has found recognition, that it doesn't matter who you are, where you come from or what you look like. What counts is what you can contribute to a company," said Katrin Pucknat after the online award ceremony. "In the pandemic, as a leading medical technology company, with products around ventilation and sleep, we made the decision every day to deliver equipment to where the need was greatest. As a leader and member of the global executive team, I see this as being about one thing in all that we do: people. That goes for our patients, whom we provide with sufficient oxygen, as well as our employees, who are able to do incredible things as a team."

At ResMed, Katrin Pucknat is a key advocate for more women in leadership positions. In addition to her work on the Group Executive Board and 3 women on the Supervisory Board, around 40 percent of the company’s managers in Germany are currently female. The management team itself is made up of equal numbers of men and women. 

Katrin Pucknat managed the company from home last year while pregnant. At the beginning of the pandemic, she very quickly realized the great challenge with her team and initiated fair, family-friendly, unbureaucratic solutions for employees and female employees with children. The switch to a home office was possible very quickly and without problems thanks to the infrastructure that was necessary and already in place for this purpose. The basis for this was already established in the run-up to the pandemic in terms of a family-friendly corporate culture.

As a supporter of the Global Bids Initiative, Katrin Pucknat is also committed to a particularly high and sustainable quality culture, which for her encompasses all areas of corporate management. She is passionate about the development of new leadership strategies, the topic of new leadership, and the meaningful digitization of healthcare. In addition to her profession, she has been actively involved in medical societies such as Spectaris and other organizations for years. She co-founded the non-profit association Deutschland schläft gesund e.V. (Germany sleeps healthy), which worked to ensure that healthy sleep gains importance as an essential part of preventive health care. Only recently it became known that this objective will become reality on the first of July 2021 and sleep, initially for digital prevention and health promotion offers in the field of action "stress management" will be added. 


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