“Sleep is an absolutely powerful tool, it is essential. We cannot replace it with anything else in the world.”
– Nico Airone - personal trainer, fitness writer and bestselling author.

Meet our ResMed Dreamers.

The Para-athlete. Radio Producer. App Creator. Nurse. Engineer…

See stories from across the globe of people who have discovered the power of good sleep to awaken their best.

A life surpassing your wildest dreams is in your grasp. Will you unleash the dreamer within you?

Meet Sunita

Since she was a teenager, Sunita had an interest in paper flower handicrafts. And with an entrepreneurial spirit she turned this passion into a lifelong career. She now runs her own workshop based in Mumbai. Sunita says quality sleep is a significant factor in her success. It’s given her the confidence to live a full life. Hear how Sunita uses sleep to enrich her daily experience.

Meet Ven

As a business leader with an active lifestyle, getting a good night’s sleep is essential to Ven’s relationships at work and home. He amazes those around him with his constant energy to connect with colleagues and be present at home.

But for Ven, what’s most important is spending time with his wife doing the things they love, such as golf, yoga and walking.

Hear how Ven uses sleep to unlock his capacity for connection.

Meet Ben

"Being a para-powerlifter and Commonwealth Games champion, Ben relies on good quality sleep to deliver a winning performance.

Powerlifting is very strenuous on your body and for Ben, getting a full eight hours of sleep helps him to recover from training sessions a lot easier. Ben believes that sleep is the best recovery you can give your body.

Hear how Ben pushes his body to the limit through the power of good sleep. "

Meet Michael

Michael’s daily schedule shows us what can be accomplished every day after a good night’s rest.

Rising early, he fits in a workout before starting his day as a teacher. In the afternoons, you can find him poolside coaching at the local swim club. In his spare time, Michael might go to the beach, walk the dog or cook vegan cuisine with his wife and son.

Hear how Michael’s healthy sleep habits help him enjoy an active, well-balanced lifestyle.

Meet Young

Agility and attention to detail are essential to Young’s role as an electronic devices engineer.

This is why Young values his rest. He has the energy to concentrate when he needs to. For Young, relaxation looks like drinks with friends, gaming or even snowboarding.

Hear how Young maintains good sleep health to give him the focus to excel at work and enjoy his free time.

Meet Frank

Frank is the image of calmness. He loves taking in his surroundings and capturing hidden beauty through his photography hobby. Mindfulness is so essential to his life that he created a successful meditation app!

Hear how daily meditation and quality sleep help Frank appreciate life’s little moments.

Meet Nico

Nico is passionate about the expansion of human potential and sleep knowledge. As a personal trainer, book author and fitness director at Men's Health, Germany he has know-how to help people reach new heights through quality sleep.

Hear how Nico imagines a better future for us all through the power of good sleep.

Meet Luis

Not only does Luis enjoy flexing his creative muscles in the professional world as a radio producer in Mexico City, he’s also a passionate amateur videographer. However, his crippling morning headaches were jeopardising his ability to pursue his creative outlets.

Hear how Luis uses sleep to help unleash his creativity.

Meet Eduardo

Eduardo is a man whose life is dedicated to his family and friends. He’s also passionate about his work as a nutritionist, helping people live happier and healthier lifestyles.

Getting better rest has given Eduardo the invigoration to live by example as an advocate for healthy eating and living.

Hear how Eduardo inspires others with his approach to the three pillars of health - nutrition, exercise and sleep.

18% of people in India wake up feeling energetic in the morning.1

8% of people in India wake up feeling tired in the morning.1

People in India sleep 7.7 hours on average.1

It's time to discover the power of good sleep.


Allison+Partners Performance + Intelligence. ResMed Global Sleep Survey, conducted January 2023.


Allison+Partners Performance + Intelligence. ResMed Global Sleep Survey, conducted January 2023.